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An Asperger Marriage is the story of Christopher Slater-Walker, recently diagnosed with Asperger syndrome, and his wife Gisela. When Christopher is diagnosed, he understands why he's been "socially handicapped" his whole life -- and his wife has to come to terms with what this diagnosis means for their relationship.

The authors, Gisela and Christopher Slater-Walker, married in 1994. They had met each other while studying Russian at Manchester University. At the time of their marriage, Gisela had three children from her previous marriage, and one son, George, was born to her from the present marriage. In 1997, Chris was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome.


The foreword of the book is by Tony Attwood. The book contains 21 chapter, 11 written by Gisela and 8 written by Chris. Chapter 10 and 12 have not been attributed to anyone of the two.

  1. Introduction - Gisela
  2. Terminology - Gisela
  3. Relationships - Chris
  4. How we met - Gisela
  5. Diagnosis - Chris
  6. ICD-10 Criteria for Asperger Syndrome
  7. Diagnosis - Gisela
  8. Communication - Chris
  9. Communication - Gisela
  10. Affection, sentimentality and intimacy - Chris
  11. Intimacy, romance and intuition - Gisela
  12. Sex
  13. Living together - Chris
  14. Living together - Gisela
  15. Parenthood - Chris
  16. Parenthood - Gisela
  17. Social life - Chris
  18. Social life - Gisela
  19. Employment - Gisela
  20. The future - Chris
  21. Postscrip - Gisela

A bibliography is appended at the end of the book.