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Asperger's Syndrome: A Guide for Parents and Professionals is a book authored by Dr. Tony Attwood. The book, first released in 1998, is a very good guide for parents and health care personnel and unravels different aspects of Asperger's syndrome in simple language. The forward is written by Lorna Wing who encapsulates the essence of the books in these words, "This accessible and readable book aims to assist parents and professionals in the identification and treatment of children and adults with Asperger syndrome. It is based on an extensive review of the literature and his experience as a specialist in this area over the past 25 years."

The book is divided into eight chapters as noted below:

  • Chapter 1 - Diagnosis
  • Chapter 2 - Social Behavior
  • Chapter 3 - Language and Routine
  • Chapter 4 - Interest and Routine
  • Chapter 5 - Motor Clumsiness
  • Chapter 6 - Cognition
  • Chapter 7 - Sensory Sensitivity
  • Chapter 8 - Frequently Asked Questions

The book is a remarkable one as attwood has presented the materials in a way that enables the reader to view the world "through the eyes of a person with Asperger Syndrome. At the end of each chapter, practical strategies are presented to reduce the characteristics of Asperger Syndrome. Three useful Appendixes are appended at the end of the book:

  1. Appendix I Resource Material on Emotions and Friendship
  2. How Do You Feel Today
  3. Diagnostic Criteria

Sections on References, Subject Index, and Author Index complete the book.