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Asperger's and Self-Esteem: Insight and Hope Through Famous Role Models is a book by Norm Ledgin with a foreword by Temple Grandin. Written only a few years after Diagnosing Jefferson, the book is stylistically similar. The book focuses on ways to help autistic students with self-esteem and how they can get support at school. The book identifies the following people with having traits of Asperger syndrome:


Norm Ledgin mentions that after writing Diagnosing Jefferson, he became a historian and has become interested in identifying autistic traits in historical figures. The book's first five chapters talk about how autistic students can struggle with self-esteem problems due to bullying. The next thirteen chapters then talk about a different historical figure and argues they demonstrated characteristics of Asperger syndrome. The first person mentioned is Thomas Jefferson, whose chapter is basically a summary of Diagnosing Jefferson. But he also adds twelve new people, each with a picture drawn by his wife. The last chapters are about ways to help autistic students get the support they need. The book focuses on the positive traits of autism, and has a list at the end.

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