Autism Positivity Flashblog 2012

Autism Positivity is exercising our humanity. We celebrate Autism Positivity because we are human beings and we are pretty awesome, in our Autistic way. —Amy Sequenzia[1]
Autism positivity is the practice of discussing the positive aspects of autism and uplifting autistic people. It focuses on neurodiversity, autism acceptance, and self esteem for autistic people.

Positivity is in part a reaction to negative perceptions about autism, and the negative ways in which autistic people are treated. It provides a safe space where autistic people can share what they like about being themselves.

Along with celebrating the good, autistic people and loved ones have discussed their difficult journeys with problems like self-acceptance[2] and negativity.[3]

Flash blog

The Autism Positivity Flash Blog organizes positive blog posts in a yearly event. It used to run every April 30th, as this is the last day of Autism Acceptance Month.[4] In 2015, the event moved to May 15, due to April being such a busy month.[5]

Submissions are written by autistic people and allies, who are mainly supportive parents of autistic children.

Every year features a new theme.

  • 2012—Letter to "I wish I didn't have Asperger's"[6]
  • 2013—1000 Ausome Things[7]
  • 2014—Expressions of PosAutivity[8]
  • 2015—Acceptance, Love, & Self-Care[5]


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