Tigger22A Tigger22A 14 February

My Autism Journey

Hi everyone i would like to tell you abit about my Journey. now i am alot older i know that i am autisic i like having things to do sometimes my daily routines i stuggle with any advice you can help me with

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Tigger22A Tigger22A 1 January

all about my autisun

hi my name is clare bear i was dignosed with autiusm when i was 12 i like going swimming bowling and going on hoildays

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Tigger22A Tigger22A 1 January


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TLPG TLPG 9 December 2020

Stocktake concluded

It took longer than I wanted it to, but finally the stocktake has been completed.

One new page was added against the instructions of the previous blog entry, and it was very quickly deleted. Now that the stocktake is done, I have restored that page and added it to the list in my sandbox. I now have things back under control where I need them to be.

The redirects that were deleted aren't going to be restored quickly. I have a lot on my plate that has a time limit off this Wikia. One of them is the other Fandom I administer, but there is also material offsite entirely that needs to be done. I am aiming at December 17 at the latest, but it could be as late as December 24 (I hope not because that is too narrow a gap for what I need to do - Decem…

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Beverlyjones Beverlyjones 9 December 2020

Staff workers at Autism Initiatives

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TLPG TLPG 28 October 2020

Returning from a hiatus

I'm back from a ten day break from Wikia/Fandom having to take stock for reasons I won't speak of in public. I'll just say that things haven't gone to plan and changes needed to be made to cover for them. Plans for Fandom in certain parts have had to be terminated for good as a result.

Of course that doesn't mean I'm leaving. I nearly did, but this project (and the other I administer) was just way too important to leave to anyone else. Others have warned of people coming in here and reversing this place from the proper state to a lie fest deleting good articles like The Vaccine Myth and The Myth of Mercury Poisoning and championing those things instead as an example.

One thing that has happened this year - I have lost track of the pages, and…

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Palmboi Palmboi 6 October 2020


Is it a symptom of autism to get angry really suddenly. Because my friend I spilled OJ on him and he punched me in the face.

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TLPG TLPG 24 September 2020

Exploitation will not be tolerated

In the history of humanity there are numerous examples of nefarious groups using the perceived or actual weaknesses or others against them. This is called exploitation. It is especially the case when the victim for wholly understandable reasons doesn't know any better.

The worst exponents of this practice are religious groups. The worst of these came out of the Catholic Church and their record of paedophile behaviour. The disgusting practice isn't limited to that Church. but it's the one that has been in receipt of the most publicity.

But there are also churches that engage in extreme conduct. Westboro Baptist Church is one of the worst. One of the others is the reason for this blog entry - the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

It …

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Hyrulera Hyrulera 6 September 2020

Am I autistic?

Hello. My name is Era. I am 18 year's old and wondering if I have Autism? I have always said I have it, even though I haven't gotten an official diagnosis.

I am currently diagnosed attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, sensory processing disorder, avoidance restrictive food intake disorder, oppositional defiance disorder, depression, anxiety, and a bunch more behavioural disorders. I have a tendency to "explode" over little things. 

I am slow at understanding words and metaphors. I may take things too literally at times. Although, my teachers have always said I am good at conveying my thoughts down on paper. When speaking, I have trouble coming up with words and often pause.

I can't count properly. I always skip numbers or repeat them. Th…

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Woybff Woybff 12 March 2020

Two Years Later-Update

  • 1 Unclear Hiatus
  • 2 Updates
    • 2.1 Writing
    • 2.2 Special Interets
      • 2.2.1 Outside of Music
      • 2.2.2 Music Related

I was gone for almost two years. I said I was coming back, but I was wrong. Lol, silly, Woybff. I guess I got busy again. On other sites, like Twitter, I am known as Golden Engine 18/Goldie. You guys can still call me Woybff. Oh yeah, I also got Twitter. My main is basically everything that does not fit on my site account, and my side account is about my love of music, especially my music special interests. (We'll get into that too.)

I am not writing as much poetry as I would like. I guess I got burnout. I ditch the whole system. I still hope one day, I publish my work in actual book. I do not feel I am ready to be published it. I have improved as a w…

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TLPG TLPG 14 April 2019

Da Update again

There's a big job that needs to be done and if any members of this Wikia has this blog on their feed (if that's possible) this is for you. All of you.


The focus is on the redlinks for Autism Speaks, Christian Chandler, Cure Autism Now, Oliver Canby, Yuval Levental, Jonathan Mitchell and John Best Junior. All the redlinks in the articles need to be removed as those articles will not be re-created. There are a lot and it would take too long for me to do it myself. Although if there are links on talk pages let me know in the comments as only two users here would be entitled to edit those - myself and NurseTN. Oh and if any Wikia staff want to do it that's okay as well but I doubt they would.


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TLPG TLPG 6 March 2019

Deletion of articles

After Fandom deleted two articles since late last year with instructions not to restore, I have been left with no choice but to delete the other unreliable source articles. It is plain that Fandom will not allow important information to be presented if it is negative. I am now going to host those articles elsewhere on the Net and that is a work in progress. The Unreliable sources page does remain but I will be tinkering with it to keep it as a list and nothing else. It will be sourced by the new site once I get it going.

As of now any articles about people who hate Autism will be burned on sight. Any articles about organisations of the same ilk will also be burned on sight. It's a shame that our Freedom of Speech has been curbed like this, …

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TLPG TLPG 20 October 2018

Changes made

I have to admit that the work I have just done I am not happy with. But it has been pointed out to me on my own talk page (and consequently off Wikia on my own forum associated with my website) that it would be best to delete the category "Autistic Enemies". This was originally noted as a complaint sent to me on my talk page by a member of Fandom/Wikia staff where she said;

"We (FANDOM) have had a complaint about your Autistic Enemy category. I can understand the person's unhappiness with this label. I would argue that these people are not enemies of autism, they just have a different opinion to you. They are doing what they feel is best for themselves and their children, whether that is misguided or not."

When I responded I explained why th…

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RasatRa RasatRa 3 May 2018

Happy I found this Wiki

I am 25 and was just recently diagnosed with Autism after struggling with it for my whole life without proper care. Things have finally started to make sense. This wiki is helping me learn to communicate what is going on. The meltdown and regression pages were especially helpful. I'm really happy to find words for things. I am married and my husband is really helpful, but he wants to know more so he can understand me better.

About me: I am a professional artist who sells things at booths and starting to sell online. My website is www.artsaflame.com I am working on a social project for self acceptance and understnding of people who are different with my Monster Heart Mission. It is just getting started but I am really hopeful since I love h…

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TLPG TLPG 19 April 2018

I'm back

I've just returned after being globally blocked for three days. This was as it turned out an error as the blocker thought I'd ignored an instruction from some time ago to delete the Yuval Levental article. He then discovered that I had negotiated it's return and fixed the issues they had with the original version. The apology was issued and I'm back in action. Thank goodness. The image that was removed from the Levental article will be returning - once I clarify the definition of fair use of images in the eyes of Fandom/Wikia. I may use another public image but we'll see.

I know who reported me, because of this on the Community Wikia;

Somebody I know who has mental issues has a slander page against him on Wikia. How can I argue, if possible,…

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Woybff Woybff 2 April 2018

Returning To The Wiki

  • 1 The Return
  • 2 Updates
    • 2.1 Writing
    • 2.2 Special Interests
  • 3 Other Comments

Idk why I left. I guess I had more things going on in my life. I will say, I posted a lot cringey things here. Somethings, I say, are good things. I will no longer post images of my special interests on these blogs. I'll just give out links to images. Idk why nobody told me it was wrong.

I do still write poetry. I rarely post any of them online anymore. I have a system of the number of poems I write. I even have a formal to calculate the number. I hope someday I could publish some of them. I do also write fanfiction and original works but not as much.

I'm not going a big deal about these new ones like I did with WOY. WOY (Wander Over Yonder) is no longer a special interest. I ha…

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Megatron99 Megatron99 29 October 2017

What I would change about this wiki

  • Update the logo to remove the puzzle pieces and replace them with the rainbow infinity sign.
  • Add a discuss tab like on other wikis to discuss autism-related topics (I want to debate with the Autistic community whether or not Holly Robinson Peete is considered an autistic enemy. I think she is one because she supports Autism Speaks, paid respects to Suzanne Wright when she died and used to run an iniative called DesignCure (now DesignCare.). I know WrongPlanet.net exists for this purpose, but why not discuss things without having to go elsewhere?
  • Rewrite some articles to include more autism-positive language e.g. removing references to autism as a disability or disorder (or instead referring to it as a neurological condition or difference), r…
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Cartoonfan2011 Cartoonfan2011 11 October 2017

Chandler's Autism


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Cartoonfan2011 Cartoonfan2011 11 October 2017

Chandelier and Stroke Sign

In one of his latest videos from YouTube channel https://m.youtube.com/user/CwcvilleGuardian , other users pointed out that Chris shows early signs of stroke in video https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=7EtMqijwZhs . His right eye is slightly drooping as he talks. Drooping eyes are often a sign of early stroke/substance abuse.

In https://sonichu.com/cwcki/Chris%27s_kitchen , it is seen that Chris eats so much fast food and pre prepared food, this is because his kitchen is in extremely poor condition. He keeps bodily fluids in the freezer for donations which won't work, there's cat poop on the floor, the food looks expired/cheaply done, and he can't even cook spaghetti.

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Cartoonfan2011 Cartoonfan2011 3 October 2017

Chandelier and Landau Kleffner Syndrome

Is it possible that Christian Chandler has, or has had, Landau Kleffner Syndrome? He didn't talk until the age of 7, which he mentioned in this article [1] as well as his person page on Sonichu.com. One day back in 2010, he went into conflict with Lori, a woman who sent him emails in response to his hate meme [2]

More info can be read on Sonichu article about autism here [3]

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Cwf123 Cwf123 13 February 2017

My Matrix novelization.

This is Christian Frates and I am currently writing a literary translation of The Matrix franchise. It all began in Fall 2015 when Ms. Perkins introduced me to a cinematic classic made in 1999. I watched the film on demand on November 2015, and it had so much depth. I was a bit uncertain to watch Reloaded and Revolutions at first, but I was amazed even more. After watching the trilogy, the Animatrix, the live-action cutscenes of Enter the Matrix and the animated scenes of Path of Neo, that gave me a chance to synthesize all the work together without making it look like cheap fan-fiction.

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TLPG TLPG 19 November 2016

The merger

Just recently my application to merge two other Wikia sites into this one was successful. The first - the Asperger Wikia - had been inactive for more than two years. Given that the DSM-5 has rendered the Asperger syndrome diagnosis as obsolete, it made sense to redirect anyone left to here where it is all banded together as it should be.

The second - the Exposing Neurodiversity Wikia - is something of a victory for common sense. Originally it was created as a vehicle to promote neurodiversity as a bad thing by Yuval Levental. When I found the Wikia in a web search I went over there and challenged him on the claim. He promptly deleted everything and abandoned the Wikia. I tried to resurrect it, but then I figured it would be better to apply …

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TLPG TLPG 14 October 2016

Da Update!

It's been awhile, as my other special interest (football) took over as it usually does during the southern Winter. I have continued to do minor edits to various articles, mostly about people adding bits and pieces including some sources and so forth. I've been doing a little bit of offline work, and that resulted in yesterday's upload of a fresh Autistic enemy article on Christian Chandler.

I intend to look again at the base articles as soon as possible, especially after John Elder Robison published a tremendous piece that followed up on the work of Steve Silberman on the history of the Autistic spectrum. I'm likely to incorporate this into a number of articles including Asperger syndrome, Autism, Hans Asperger and possibly some other artic…

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TLPG TLPG 26 April 2016

Please don't insert useless information

Just a few minutes ago, I deleted an article and banned a user for spamming - or rather inserting useless information into the main space of this Wikia. The article was totally inappropriate for the main space, and at best looked like a fictional contribution better suited to either a personal blog or a user's name space as it appeared to be a special interest. I'm all for expressed one's special interests on this Wikia, but not in the main space. The main space is for information specific to the Autistic community and it needs to be real and not fantasy.

As the user concerned did not return despite invitations to do so, it would appear on present evidence that he or she was a troublemaker - or more likely a troll looking for attention. I d…

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TLPG TLPG 5 February 2016

Switching to Infoboxes

One thing Wikia is generally encouraging is the Infobox. This is one of the problems on my plate that is proving hard to work through, as I need to group articles not just by category but also by Infobox. It's going to be a long job but hopefully I'll make some in roads between now and mid February.

At present there are two active infoboxes - for people and for books. I'm presently working through the books and when that's done I'll be fixing up the people - of which some have already been done previously.

Meanwhile there is one thing I would encourage other members to do - and that's find some pictures for the articles on the 50 states. They need to individually identify the state in some special way - lateral thinking if you like (typicall…

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MissLunaRose MissLunaRose 21 January 2016


This isn't a positive post like most things I do, so... if that bothers you, feel free not to read.

I work at a lot of disability groups through my school and via the internet. It's mostly an energizing and constructive experience, and I meet all sorts of thoughtful, wonderful people whom I am very privileged to collaborate with. It's a gift to be able to share my knowledge, encourage others, and assure people that it's going to be okay.

Lately I've been participating in a community that hasn't been as easy to be a part of. One person is calling names and trying to block me from connecting with others, or doing anything meaningful really. The community thinks pretty highly of them, and I haven't seen the person acting this way to anyone else…

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TLPG TLPG 21 January 2016

Wiki logo, template and badges!

I've changed the look slightly going with green instead of pale blue because it stood out more. I've also moved the Wikia logo from the main page to the Wordmark so it can be seen on every page.

Also, to encourage participation - I've activated the Wikia badges set up. I've seen it in action on the Pro Wrestling Wikia and I think it would be a good addition here.

Just as a final note - the Wiki is in a state of flux at the moment. So I ask that no one make any major changes to articles or add new articles for the time being while I sort the Wiki out properly. I said to the previous admin last November that there were heaps of problems and it's going to take some time to fix them. The last thing I need is additional pages and substantive edit…

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TLPG TLPG 21 January 2016

Thanks for everyone's support!

I am delighted to advise that I have just been appointed the new admin for this Wiki! My first act as admin was to shut off IP edits - where virtually all the vandalism has been coming from. Everyone who has put in edits under an IP that were fine, no offence but we need you to get an account. This is all about creating a community and IP's don't form a part of that.

I'm about to delete the articles that have been marked for deletion. Real life is going to prevent me from doing anything else major until later in the coming weekend, but believe me when I tell you there are going to be some changes in emphasis. Much merging and new articles to come about the great people in the Autistic community (and the rats) and organising all the importan…

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TLPG TLPG 20 January 2016

Update - Work Progress

I've just completed the massive online job of redirecting all the medications to the Medications page and then changing that page to it's new form. This wiki shouldn't be about pill popping, so by merging all this up and having the cover paragraph there we can send such thoughts where they belong - to the professionals.

Much more work to do!

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MissLunaRose MissLunaRose 17 January 2016

Hello World

Hi, everyone! I haven't been on Wikia for a long time, so I'm basically new to the community here. It is my hope that we can all work together to make Wikia a positive, informative, and respectful autism resource.

I was diagnosed with PDD-NOS, then Asperger Syndrome, then just basic autism by a variety of experts 2 years ago and onward, and after a lot of careful research from the autistic community on my part. I am now in college and have joined an autism club, and more recently, a class for autistic students.

I have a background in creative and essay writing, and have worked on building up wikiHow's Autism Spectrum section (and more recently its new Autism Project) for the past year.

I am a firm believer in the idea that autistic voices (ve…

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TLPG TLPG 16 January 2016

Offline Work update

Today I added a new article straight from Notepad to the main space instead of putting it in my user space - Jonathan Mitchell. I took a lot of it from the Wikipedia article, but I also added material to prove how much of an enemy he is. Using blogs as sources are a-okay here (Wikipedia wants nothing to do with them, which I can understand but it doesn't help). I fast tracked this because of the actions of the user that had done most of the edits trying to promote Mitchell in a positive manner. I wasn't going to stand for that.

Aside from that I've been hard at work offline trying to group the existing pages in order to plan the massive changes that are needed to consolidate the balance of information without messing things up. Some pages a…

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Woybff Woybff 15 January 2016

The Real Lord Dominator (Yes this a REAL story)

Lord Dominator is a character on Wander Over Yonder, that I don't find her real form scary.

Some time ago this guy was on WOY wiki and made stupid unreasoning categories. My friend and I tried to stop him. He was mean to my friend, and he deleted my user page info (Threaten me twice to do so).

I was trying to figure out what is the deal with this guy. I asked him if he was on the Autism Spectrum. I got a message back in all captives. He thinks I sound like a boy and a girl that sounds like a kid. (Idk what he was talking about.) This is where the second threat came from. I told a adim to block him. Where did I go wrong?

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TLPG TLPG 8 January 2016


To all members,

I have applied to take over as admin of this Wikia. Wikia admin requires that I seek your support for this move.

It's quite clear that the most recently active admin, MuppetVJ, doesn't have the interests of this Wikia at heart and he needs to be replaced. He has not edited in the main space proactively since July. His last edit was in his name space, responding to my claim that this Wikia has major issues. However as I said to him at the time, I need admin powers to do what is needed. He has not responded. At the same time he edited his talk page he did delete articles that I had marked for deletion for various reasons.

I have already been hard at work making the changes needed, marking more articles for deletion, and starting…

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Woybff Woybff 29 December 2015

Fake Info!

I should really find somewhere else to post my blogs because I'm scared the bad users may find them. Like I saw someone info about Sanders and Obama having Asperger's. Some info is right. He also vandalized the Routines page. When my mother looked at it she said the website was fake. I know this guy is writing crap on this it doesn't mean this wiki is fake. This is one of my main sources for Autism because the youtubers I watch aren't as active. Should I lift this wiki or will TLPG block this guy? If TLPG is reading this I'd would take consternation blocking him.

http://autism.wikia.com/wiki/California/Orange_County_Resources What is this? This is a orignal page? Or did the guy made this?

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Woybff Woybff 7 July 2015

What is going on the wiki?!

I'm Woybff, if you don't remember me. I not talking about Autism today. I'm talking about the wiki. I haven't made a blog post since Feb.28th,2015 and I come back to see. All this radicalism on the home page. Why? It nothing to do with Autism. This wiki is NOT a web site for bullying. This is for telling people about Autism. I proud to be autistic. Am I going to move to a new web site to write my blogs. I try really hard. I am now back, why you members call other people ***? I throught it would quite when I return. I beg please stop this.

I maybe was going to talk about Autism Speak being bad. But I guess I never throught of this wiki going to a swearing network after also five months. I may move. Thank you  for taking the time to read. Ple…

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Woybff Woybff 28 February 2015

Autsitic enemy? (I'm back!)

Hello everyone Woybff here again, I have not had any bullying since I last posted. So let's get one with.

So when I been gone for awhile I met some new people on wikis. They annoy the crap out of me (like this one I going to talk about) or I have made friends. So this one, I not going leave a name, she loves Powerpuff girls and The 7D. She even wants a comic about the two. I been telling her she can't have one because Cartoon Network owns the Powerguff girls, and Disney ownes the The 7D. She also called me a meanie and a cowardly cheapskate. :( I told her I was autistic, I don't think she even knows what Autism is. She is also 10, "you can't be 10 years old to be on here, at least 13." The whole reason I got on these wikias was to edit WOY …

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Woybff Woybff 21 January 2015

Woybff's first 2015 poem- Love me

This the end?

Should I turn back?

Why do you call me such names?

What if someone called you than?

Hey I think you know this about me, I'm autistic.

I, Woybff don't like this treat.

If you understand too the world would be balanced.

Maybe you just think Autism is the same.

Is not, we're all different.

But look at me.

I didn't choose to be autistic.

Maybe you'd like to learn more?


Are you serious....

I hope you'll find greatness in me.

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Woybff Woybff 21 January 2015

Hey guys

I got bullied on this Wiki Monday, I think he (or her) got block or something. So I'll be inactive on the blogs. The good news is I won't be in therapy. And I'll make one piece of poetry and put in the comments. Thank you and please don't leave comments like "No one gives a crap."

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Woybff Woybff 4 January 2015

The truth about meltdowns (how WE feel)

Hey guys Woybff here, Today I going to talk about meltdowns. I think I already talked about how meltdowns are caused, now on to how Autistic like me feel about them.

I may not be speaking for myself, but no. I know the causes. Changes, noise (could be but, I feel like having on), my greatest fear, and bullies (my greatest fear is also a bully to mostly everyone). I don't have any choice or have any control of these choices, just quick thinking. Sadly my family what's me to bring it up, which I not comfortable. I just what to be alone, I also had a STRESSFUL day at school. So yeah recovery from school. Can they get it already? I wish not to be bothered during this time. I also wish my greatest fear moved or wasn't real. But not California. T…

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Woybff Woybff 2 January 2015

Therapy rant (update):Meeting..OH NO

I saw a paper on a tablet in my house that explains everything. I won't have Monday free for the whole day. I'll to go to a meeting with my Mom about paper for more services. I don't think I should more therapy because my Mom already pushed me, I fine. If it was for my anxiety, I be fine with it. Geez first I wanted to quit Girl Scouts now their going to put me back therapy. I thought I was done in 4th grade. They (my parents) should do research or watch some video on YouTube about Autism. I thought 2015 would get better for me, but it's already the second day and I know it'll get worse. Well it just go to show if you have a nightmare about you tell your least favorite teacher it's second semester and I shouldn't be here. You know it going…

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Woybff Woybff 2 January 2015

Therapy rant (update) and my big idea

Hey guys I going ask Today or Tomorrow if I going back to therapy. In other news I came up with this idea that across America (and maybe the UK) we have colleges for just autistics. Both serve and mid. But the problem this I think it'll cost a lot of money.

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Woybff Woybff 22 December 2014

Woybff gets grounded rant (non-parent) update

Later I found out that people can't grounded unless they are your parents or legal- the someone called me dumb. :( At less I have a new special interest. I think it is. It's called Llamas with hats. I showed it to my bother. He also likes it.

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Woybff Woybff 21 December 2014

Woybff gets grounded rant (non-parent)

Okay guys Today I was grounded by neither my Mom nor Dad. It was.....a player on the Wiki. Well NOT is Wiki. It's nice here, no one writing bad comments on my blogs. No one writing on blogs however. Apparently someone grounded me for asking them if they watched Wander Over Yonder. Which I do that. I asked people on Moshi Monsters, I ask people on Warriors. I don't understand how this show must be hated. I post a thread on Warriors about this. If you have a account and would like to help me than I put the link right here. http://warriorcatsrpg.com/index.php?topic=1899709.0 Anyway I usually get a yes or a no. But this time they replied "NO WAY", I not if they say yes or no. Then the person got mad at me. I replied I was sorry about the whole…

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Woybff Woybff 17 December 2014

Therapy rant

A letter was spent to my house to Today, I saw a full in the bank selection paper. Am I going back to therapy? The only problems I have are dealing with this mean girl at my school and Mattel. Mattel? Woybff they're fine. No check this link. http://www.nytimes.com/2007/08/02/business/02toy.html?_r=0

I also am having a hard time being misunderstood, that's part of my Autism. I have time to watch Wander Over Yonder. I don't what to lose that or coming on the computer. I was out of therapy (for my Autism) for almost four years. I don't what to go back and tell them my be-loved special interests Wander Over Yonder and Five Nights of Freddy's. I don't like talking about them that much to other teachers. And how I am going to get use to talking t…

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Woybff Woybff 11 December 2014

Is bad?

If you enjoy being autistic don't read you'll cry.

Today I saw this video on YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f8NaUDW6-GA It was a RANT about Autism. She was talking about how she was watching Autism vids she came across one that I think was a girl named Rosie King, she was inspiring me loving my Autism. I did like my world, I did love my creative, I love to write, I love Wander Over Yonder, I loved that I had Autism. So she (ranter) thought that is wrong and that she changed her bother for anything. I also been called stupid (twice), a B (the bad word), Freak (same person who called me stupid), mean (same person), Alien (by a Apsie), and today a bully. There was also things I hated being Autistic. No one understands me, I not good …

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Woybff Woybff 7 December 2014

Fear in a center (poem)

This poem is about my fears.

What if he'll laugh at me.

I can't go up on that stage.

No run away from that dragon!

Could McDonald's take over the world?

No don't take me back.

No I don't want any more Mattel toys.

What if the door locks.

Snakes, get me out of here, Sunil do you thing.

I'm hiding from the school mascot.

Ronald McDonald stay, I don't what your hamburgers.

I can't go to the dentist.

I am scared, will we die if there this high?

I never hug you because you have a gun.

I don't die, there's a new Wander Over Yonder on tonight.

Sylvia, what if Tico kills me tonight?

NO it can't be over, give Wander five more season.

Wander says everything will be alright.

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Woybff Woybff 6 December 2014

Woybff express her love of WOY in poetry.

Wander Over Yonder is on Disney XD created by Craig McCracken. More info about Wander Over Yonder visit this link. http://wanderoveryonder.wikia.com/wiki/Wander_Over_Yonder_Wiki

As you know is have known me Wander Over Yonder is one of my special interests. Now the poem.

Moving fast than a hurricane Wander checks in as I play Pokemon.

Clashing in five days later was Lord Hater and Emperor Awesome having a epic battle on August 16, 2013.

After almost a month Hater strikes fear in my heart, and Sylvia smells like dragon breath the September 13, 2013 and it was Friday.

After eight days Wander ran to my heart with love and peace a day after August 20, 2013.

Then on the 27th Wander stands up for me, that was a true friend.

After camping on Oct. 4th, 2…

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Woybff Woybff 6 December 2014

More poems by Woybff. This one called Dark Dream

This is about how I am being misunderstand.

I wait there wondering what there is next.

You look me and go "Oh My Freakin' Gosh (more wrost than that is)." And other things

I wish you treat me with respuct and understand.

Do you think the way your treating me is the way you what me to treat you?

I am looking and listening to you, and I see nothing good.

Maybe you never known the word "Autism".

I see and know the world differently than you.

Can you stop it being so loud!

I wish people would understand me.

I know I'm different.

For what ever reason God give me Autism.

It was probably a good reason.

I heard your voice.

Your voice of pain and heart attack.

I don't understand why are treating so hard.

I didn't choose to be autistic.

I hope you seen it my way.

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Woybff Woybff 4 December 2014

A another poem by Woybff (please read) Breakdown

I wrote another poem to help people understand my anger and my meltdowns.

I wish you stop throwing surprises at me.

I can't anymore of this I feel scared or I could cry.

Stop this I don't like it.

I wish you would stop now.

I didn't say that.

I can't help it if my schedule changes or you make me angry.

I WILL have a meltdown, NOT a tantrum.

Can't you stop now I can't this any more.

I can't help that I'm the autistic God intended me to be.

I can't help you disagree because I am right and you are wrong.

Please I never do that at all your lining.

I wish you just knew what my autism does to me, then you understand.

Wander Over Yonder is the best show ever and I am the biggest fan.

I want everything to be the same so keep it like that please.

I am rebel.

I wis…

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Woybff Woybff 2 December 2014

A poem by Woybff (please read) Titled: Days of wandering

I deiced to write a poem about my life on this.

I fall down and behind.

I was a little weak after a while.

I am autistic after all.

I didn't have many friends.

I was a treated a little different but didn't know why.

I didn't understand how to make friends.

I was special.

I got in trouble sometimes.

I wasn't as bright as the other children.

I was mad but didn't know went.

I'd hide in loneliness.

I was hated, and I was loved.

I was smart.

I was braver than I knew in my heart.

I got hurt inside by the people whom hated me.

I was in danger of lead.

I was a friend to many.

I was known by many.

I was sentience to more that noises and lights.

I misunderstood, many people didn't get me.

I am shy.

I am kind, but some whom hate me disagreed.

I am funny, but I don't like p…

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