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Woybff Woybff 2 December 2014

20 things you should NEVER say to a autistic

20.That is so dumb/stupid. (special interest)

19.You can't be autistic.

18.Stop stimming it's embarrassing.

17.(Special interest) won't last for forever.

16.Shut up crybaby. (Meltdown)

15.Do you hear that (something that could be cause of Autism) causes Autism?

14.Don't worry Autism Speak will find a cure in no time.

13.Do take meds for that?

12.You must be very high functioning.

11.Do you have special diets?

10.Grow up!

9.But your so normal.

8.Why are you so into (special interest)?

7.Is Autism concise?

6.Can't you grow out of it?

5.Why can't you just deal with lights/noise/etc?

4.You're stupid.

3.You're weird.

2.(Any other put downs.)

1.Why can't you be normal?

  • "You have a disease. Go away." -TLPG
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Woybff Woybff 1 December 2014

Things are getting all mess up.

Yeah what I met was if you are autistic and love your special interest you don't want to told something like "Oh that will be canceled." for a TV show for a book however you won't be told"Oh that writer will move on." We just want are special interest to last until we die or forever. Autism does have rights, like having a special interest. Mine nevertheless is Wander Over Yonder. A amazing show created by Craig McCracken. Back on my main focus we just love them so much. Are imagination can go be on the normal one's mind. That makes more enjoyably like autistic boy may love Songebob and loves to draw. So he takes those talents to draw awesome drawings of Songebob. Or for me I also love to write so I could write a story about Wander and Sylv…

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Woybff Woybff 29 November 2014

10 Things Woybff wish you knew about Autism

  • 1 A quick note
  • 2 Intro
  • 3 Top 10 things
    • 3.1 10- "I am right."
    • 3.2 9-Meltdowns
    • 3.3 8-Social and feelings
    • 3.4 7-Stimming
    • 3.5 6-Thinking one way
    • 3.6 5-I can't and I won't mean different things
    • 3.7 4-Focus on what I can do rather than what I notable
    • 3.8 3-I didn't choose Autism
    • 3.9 2-We don't want a cure
    • 3.10 1-Love me unconditionally
    • 3.11 Bouns

This may have some things from the book 10 things Children with Autism wish you knew. But some things don't cover it.

So what am I doing? I'm make a Top 10 list of things I wish you knew about Autism. Like on YouTube, but about Autism instead video games, movies, etc. I hope this help you with the word Autism.

Most autistic want to be right with everything, even special interests. Like if a autistic was trying to say that Emily is An…

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Woybff Woybff 26 November 2014


It seems like autistics aren't  getting the help they need. Why do I think this? Well it basically the parents faint. They don't know that there autistic children. Let's just say a child, I'll use Wander for the name because on child are named Wander and really like him. (The guy as my avatar.)

  • 1 Bad things parents don't understand
    • 1.1 Wander gets ground from Spinning, Flapping, any stemming, etc.
    • 1.2 Wander has a meltdown because some reason and gets grounded
  • 2 Meltdowns:Stranges just don't get
    • 2.1 Went the meltdown happens.
    • 2.2 After the meltdown:Adults(without autistic)
    • 2.3 After the meltdown:Kids/Teens

Parents can't grounded there child from the stemming. They have more stress that causes more meltdowns.

It's not there fault for having a melting, if i…

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Woybff Woybff 26 November 2014

Running away from past meltdowns

I pick a random cartoon character for these question I deiced to pick Sylvia from Wander Over Yonder. So here we go. Notes: Not all Autistics will agree with me when I awnswer these questions about the my last meltdown.

Sylvia:Did you know someone else would get there first?


Sylvia:Did you know you were getting angry?

Woybff:Not at first.

Sylvia:Were you aware people were watching?

Woybff:Not until the meltdowm.

Sylvia:Did you feel bad?


Sylvia:Did you want to hide?

Woybff:Yes. I think I was going into Autistic shutdown.

Sylvia:Updating today did you know that guy was there?

Woybff:I not sure.

Why are still talikng about Friday? It over with now you can forget about it. Oh someone on my bus asked if I was the person. I first d…

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Woybff Woybff 23 November 2014

Coming out autistic

  • 1 Coming out to the world
  • 2 My challenges at my schools
  • 3 Wiki welcoming
  • 4 Out of all

It's not easy because diversity is hated sadly. Autistic people have a hard time finding a job, making friends, or even the easiest things for others can do. People don't know much about Autism and is disappointing. If you do come out as autistic your help Autism be better understand.

I didn't know I was autistic until I was 4th grade, but my diagnosis was during my years as a toddler. My mom also sign me up for Girl Scouts when I was five and I'm still in, but I want to quit. Kids didn't understand. And grading was different. It took me the 3rd quarter of the first year of this new grading thing to get a good grade. After that it gone back to the A, B, C, D, and …

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Woybff Woybff 22 November 2014

Hey Woybff how is it like without Wander?

Now I grounded from Wander Over Yonder for night because of my little freak out. We (my family and I) see a stray cat. "Run it over."I say. Now I'm in a funk. Sound like a a Wander Over Yonder episode? Yeah it is the funk coming soon, Nov.25th. Now I'm getting over to spin or counted on Wiki or something else. Hey help me on my new Wiki.

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Woybff Woybff 21 November 2014

Woybff's love for Wander Over Yonder

Wander Over Yonder is my favorite special interesting and #1. I know lots of things about WOY. Like Jack McBrayer plays Wander. I saw him play a role on the middle as a dentist. I SAT on my couch and had my eyes glued to the TV until the scene was over. One of my first of this was. "Jack/Wander was a dentist my worst fears have been realized." Because I'm scared of going to the dentist, but Jack's role won't effect me. Also the creator Craig McCracken. My friend Alpha Kratt wrote is on Tumbr and Craig like it.   Yeah I think he knows about me also. I asked my Mom for a Tumblr account. She going to talk to my Dad about it. That's begin of facts I …

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Woybff Woybff 17 November 2014

Woybff's story

  • 1 Woybff
  • 2 As a baby
  • 3 As a Todder
  • 4 K-3rd
  • 5 4th-5th
  • 6 6th
  • 7 7th
  • 8 8th (now)
  • 9 Thank you

Hello am I Woybff. Yes I am autistic and this all true. I had many special interesting. Some had lead in them. Some were dangerous. But others are puppets and cartoon characters. Now here my story and you will love it.

My first special interesting came at three months. But later I out grow it at seven. Elmo. I don't know why I'd like is red furball. Went I was one my parents started showing me Baby Einsten. Which has be a special for a while. Did you when babies watched them they losted six to eight words a hour. Surpise! Disney was trouble. At made 15 months my mother knew something was wrong.

My parents discovred I was autistic at that time. Later I moved on to preschoo…

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Aj's mommy Aj's mommy 29 June 2012

Moving on to middle school.

My son AJ is going to middle school in August 2012, He is nervous but not as nervous as we( his parents) are. There will be so many new routines, and so many new faces in large classrooms, and so many teachers. Has anyone gone through this already? do you have any suggestions for us? what worked well for you?

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