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```` Hi Tom, I am a mother of a three year old boy with autism. He just started school this year. It is so upsetting to hear that there are children out there bullying you, but I know it does happen. I think the important thing is to always make others aware that it is happening, teachers, close friends, parents. If the person thinks you won't say anything and they can get away with it, it's more likely that they will do it more often. Are you verbal? My son is not and that is a big concern of mine. But however you can communicate, you need to make others aware of what is happening to you. If teachers do not seem to care, then have your parents talk to the principal, the town officials, whatever it takes for them to start caring. You are an important part of this world and I would hate for something bad to happen to you b/c no one is paying attention! Also, you should know that you are a great person. Everyone is different in different ways. And if we were all the same, this would be one dull place. I embrace my little boy's differences everyday. He is a great kid and you sound pretty terrific as well. I am so glad that you have family in your school. Stick with your cousin and good luck with everything.

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Tom, I am sorry to hear that your school time has been so challenging. I am pleased to currently teach 4 elementary school students with Autism Spectrum Disorders, and have learned a lot from many others in the past. Our school code of conduct specifically prohibits disrespect or bullying based upon a disability or difference. It seems to me that young children tend to follow the feelings and actions of the adults around them. Sadly, this makes me suspect that you have not been properly respected by your teachers, either.

I wonder if there might be a few brave soles who could help put together a "No Name Calling" event in your area. This is usually in the form of an art contest that features the damage done by bullying, with a positive focus on change. It talks about all kinds of bullying, so no particular group is singled out.

Hang in there; There are people who respect your individuality.

TeachT 21:30, 8 May 2007 (UTC) TeachT

I know where you are coming from. About 15 years ago I was in the same boat and almost went down with it! I was lucky to have 2 friends at the same time and usually only had 1. My teachers hadn't clue one what was going on with me and didn't seem to want to find out, either. Noone but my parents seemed to care one bit weather or not I even existed let alone that I needed help. I swear I could have screemed "HELP ME!" into the ears of any of my teachers and none of them would have even noticed!

But, anyway, enough venting. You seem to need some good quality Advice so here goes. First off, get these Bullies brought to justice, ESPECIALLY the one with the Nail-Board! He could have easily Killed or permenantly blinded you and he deserves more than just a Detention! Though I wouldn't hold out for him going to Jail or, more likely, a Juvenile Corectional Facility, you should at least get his Bullying out in the open so others can keep an eye out for it and, hopefully, prevent others from going though what you have! TeachT had a good idea on this, too, so try that as well.

Next, the School and it's lack of caring. Ask your parents and your cousins Parents to get in contact with your local Parent-Teacher Orginization and spread the word that your School is NOT safe and that your family is NOT happy with your treatment by the school's Staff AND students! Also, be sure to contact any Autism Advocacy Orginization that opperates in your country about this AND inform your School that your family has them as back-up! Also, a Letter to the Editor of your local Newspaper on the subject might help, too. If push comes to shove, you may just have to switch Schools.(If this happens and your Cousin is willing to, your Cousin might want to switch schools, too. It would show Family Solidarity and would prevent vindictive Staff/Students from trying to "Punish" your cousin for your leaving and the negative publicity.)

Last but certainly not least, Friends. Though it may be difficult at first, hold out and you will eventualy find someone that shares your interests. A club for any one of your favorite Interests might be a place to start. Also, Volunteer work always makes a good impression on people and Volunteers are always welcome. If you do something nice for someone they will often do something nice for you in return. Now, Your Friends might be a few years younger or older than you but you WILL find them or they will find you! Either way, once you have friends that you care about, make sure they know it. Be sure to look them in the face(Especially the Eyes) when you talk with them and be sure to apologize to them if you offend them in any way(Even if your not sure how or why you Offended them). A friend is worth their weight in Gold and a quality friend is worth at least 1,000,000 times that. Even if you only have 1 or 2 friends, if they are quality friends, you are richer than the most popular kid in your school ever could be! A quality friend will stick up for you because He or She knows you would do the same for them, so make sure they Know it! Be sure to listen to your friends, too. You never know, they might know something you don't know but would like to! You should also learn to take a joke or some joshing as well as it is a common thing friends do(It took a while for me to get used to that, myself.).

Anyways, Good Luck to you with all of your difficulties and remember to be patient. You will have your "Ron and Hermione", so to speak, some day! I just hope it is sooner rather than later. Peace:)

Andrew W. Generic Fighter 11:55, 14 May 2007 (UTC)

Funny you should Mention 'Ron and Hermione' as i am literaly right now reading Harry Potter noverls, ill have 2 finish before the new one comes out.

Hi, my name is Peter and my son Jack has just been diagnosed with Autism, he is 6 years old. Both his mother and I have careers working with people with a learning disability and this only made the news harder. I have a feeling I am also in this spectrum, many of the stories seem familiar and I weep at the idea of Jack going through the bullying and isolation I had as a child. That said, Tom, with particular reference to your story, bullies are everywhere, they victimise those that are different, Autism is simply an excuse, another day it would be spots or glasses. Don't let those little weasels get you down, use the anti-bullying legislation, the school should have some, and get these fellow pupils sorted, they are more than likely in some difficulty themselves and, believe it or not, you'd be doing them a favour. Anyway, as I type this I am resolving to not allow such things to happen to my son, and I hope you future is bright, and full of the chances at good things, like we all deserve.

i think that the world without Autism would be a boring world 

has anybody asked you if you had Aspergers at birth and did you hate that question becuase someone asked my parents if i was like that birth and i am still angered at that stupid question and i would like to hurt that guy for asking that dumb question