I created this account in the hopes of changing the discourse on autism to something more accepting and inclusive. I am autistic.

I also work on the Autism Spectrum category at wikiHow, and I have written writing tutorials at deviantART.

My special interests are autism, writing, and drawing. My favorite stims are pacing, playing with my stim toys, and happy dancing.


A picture I drew of two girls, one neurotypical and one autistic

I am autistic. I was diagnosed at age 18 after a massive autistic burnout. It's very hard sometimes, but I do my best! I am lucky to have a very supportive family and friends at my college's disability center.

I hope to promote autism acceptance, so that all autistic people can be welcomed and supported. I am involved in several projects at my school and wikiHow related to disability and community.

I draw lots of pictures of autistic and other disabled people. I hope that this will normalize autism and disability, so that disabled people will feel less alone, and non-disabled people will see us as people a lot like them.

I have read a lot about autism. Feel free to contact me if you would like to ask me any questions!

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