• Update the logo to remove the puzzle pieces and replace them with the rainbow infinity sign.
  • Add a discuss tab like on other wikis to discuss autism-related topics (I want to debate with the Autistic community whether or not Holly Robinson Peete is considered an autistic enemy. I think she is one because she supports Autism Speaks, paid respects to Suzanne Wright when she died and used to run an iniative called DesignCure (now DesignCare.). I know WrongPlanet.net exists for this purpose, but why not discuss things without having to go elsewhere?
  • Rewrite some articles to include more autism-positive language e.g. removing references to autism as a disability or disorder (or instead referring to it as a neurological condition or difference), removing/reducing emphasis on the negative traits of autism and autistic people etc.
  • Recruit more Autistic and neurodiverse editors to contribute to the wiki.

(List to be updated soon)

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