This isn't a positive post like most things I do, so... if that bothers you, feel free not to read.

I work at a lot of disability groups through my school and via the internet. It's mostly an energizing and constructive experience, and I meet all sorts of thoughtful, wonderful people whom I am very privileged to collaborate with. It's a gift to be able to share my knowledge, encourage others, and assure people that it's going to be okay.

Lately I've been participating in a community that hasn't been as easy to be a part of. One person is calling names and trying to block me from connecting with others, or doing anything meaningful really. The community thinks pretty highly of them, and I haven't seen the person acting this way to anyone else in the group, so I doubt my peers would believe me if I spoke up.

I guess I'm looking for advice. Have you ever had anyone treat you like dirt, or try to push you out of something you care about? What do you do when other people don't believe you, or don't have the interest or power to do anything about it? I could walk away, but I'm worried that then this'll become someone else's problem—and I don't want anyone to ever go through being treated like this!

I'm just frustrated and disappointed and worried other people will get hurt. What do I do?

Please don't ask for any identifying information; I don't feel comfortable sharing.

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