I have been wondering about whether or not Atypical should get a page on the wiki. As of this time, it is listed as a forbidden page.

We already have a few fictional Autistic characters (or fictional series with them) with pages on the wiki, and I have decided to add more of them. The sandbox has some listed, but also some forbidden characters/franchises as well. The wanted pages are of positive and accurate portrayals, while the forbidden pages are negative and/or stereotypical portrayals.

I have never watched Atypical but I have heard that the first season was a very stereotypical portrayal. The actor who plays Sam Gardner (the main character) is a neurotypical. But I also heard that the second season was a more accurate portrayal and that they had Autistic people help with the show.

One of the pages on this wiki is Rain Man, which is a very inaccurate and stereotypical portrayal of Autism. But I feel like it should stay since it was made in a time when very little was known about Autism. And also Raymond Babbitt (the Autistic character) was based on a real person. Maybe we could edit the page and discuss the stereotypes shown in the movie. This could be a good way to address these issues.

Another example of this would be if we added a page on Mozart and the Whale (I originally decided not to but I have been considering making a page for it). If the page ever exists, it will have a section talking about the savant stereotype. But overall, I feel like it is not bad for a movie from the 2000s. And also the two Autistic characters are based on real people, who will get pages here.

Something else I also wanted to do was add a page for the book A Wizard Alone, which is the sixth book in a series called Young Wizards and has an Autistic character in it. The original version of the book was written in the early 2000s, so it was initially a very negative and offensive portrayal. In the original ending, the main character gets rid of his Autism. But after talking with Autistic people on Tumblr, the author then made a revised version where he gets to stay Autistic. So I was thinking that the book will get a page, but there will be a section discussing this.

So in the end, I really am not sure if we should add a page on Atypical, so instead I have decided to let the community choose whether or not it gets a page. But if we do end up adding the page, we will have to have a section that talks about the stereotypes and how Autistic people helped make the show more accurate.

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