I am 25 and was just recently diagnosed with Autism after struggling with it for my whole life without proper care. Things have finally started to make sense. This wiki is helping me learn to communicate what is going on. The meltdown and regression pages were especially helpful. I'm really happy to find words for things. I am married and my husband is really helpful, but he wants to know more so he can understand me better.

About me: I am a professional artist who sells things at booths and starting to sell online. My website is www.artsaflame.com I am working on a social project for self acceptance and understnding of people who are different with my Monster Heart Mission. It is just getting started but I am really hopeful since I love helping people. Its at www.artsaflame.com/mhm

My special interests are: Monsters are my main interest. I love most kinds of monsters and the idea of monsters. My art is about monsters. I also like Ancient Egypt and the Middle East (mostly folklore and culture), the games yokai watch, kirby, fnaf and little nightmares. Star trek, banaya, and horror movies (mostly hellraiser and wishmaster.)

I am really happy to get to learn more about Autism! Thank you everyone for this wiki! I am not good at using the editing and markup system yet, but I will get there. I hope I can help and be part of the community. Feel free to talk and AMA in the comments :)


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