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Returning from a hiatus

I'm back from a ten day break from Wikia/Fandom having to take stock for reasons I won't speak of in public. I'll just say that things haven't gone to plan and changes needed to be made to cover for them. Plans for Fandom in certain parts have had to be terminated for good as a result.

Of course that doesn't mean I'm leaving. I nearly did, but this project (and the other I administer) was just way too important to leave to anyone else. Others have warned of people coming in here and reversing this place from the proper state to a lie fest deleting good articles like The Vaccine Myth and The Myth of Mercury Poisoning and championing those things instead as an example.

One thing that has happened this year - I have lost track of the pages, and…

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TLPG TLPG 24 September

Exploitation will not be tolerated

In the history of humanity there are numerous examples of nefarious groups using the perceived or actual weaknesses or others against them. This is called exploitation. It is especially the case when the victim for wholly understandable reasons doesn't know any better.

The worst exponents of this practice are religious groups. The worst of these came out of the Catholic Church and their record of paedophile behaviour. The disgusting practice isn't limited to that Church. but it's the one that has been in receipt of the most publicity.

But there are also churches that engage in extreme conduct. Westboro Baptist Church is one of the worst. One of the others is the reason for this blog entry - the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

It …

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TLPG TLPG 14 April 2019

Da Update again

There's a big job that needs to be done and if any members of this Wikia has this blog on their feed (if that's possible) this is for you. All of you.

The focus is on the redlinks for Autism Speaks, Christian Chandler, Cure Autism Now, Oliver Canby, Yuval Levental, Jonathan Mitchell and John Best Junior. All the redlinks in the articles need to be removed as those articles will not be re-created. There are a lot and it would take too long for me to do it myself. Although if there are links on talk pages let me know in the comments as only two users here would be entitled to edit those - myself and NurseTN. Oh and if any Wikia staff want to do it that's okay as well but I doubt they would.


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TLPG TLPG 6 March 2019

Deletion of articles

After Fandom deleted two articles since late last year with instructions not to restore, I have been left with no choice but to delete the other unreliable source articles. It is plain that Fandom will not allow important information to be presented if it is negative. I am now going to host those articles elsewhere on the Net and that is a work in progress. The Unreliable sources page does remain but I will be tinkering with it to keep it as a list and nothing else. It will be sourced by the new site once I get it going.

As of now any articles about people who hate Autism will be burned on sight. Any articles about organisations of the same ilk will also be burned on sight. It's a shame that our Freedom of Speech has been curbed like this, …

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TLPG TLPG 20 October 2018

Changes made

I have to admit that the work I have just done I am not happy with. But it has been pointed out to me on my own talk page (and consequently off Wikia on my own forum associated with my website) that it would be best to delete the category "Autistic Enemies". This was originally noted as a complaint sent to me on my talk page by a member of Fandom/Wikia staff where she said;

"We (FANDOM) have had a complaint about your Autistic Enemy category. I can understand the person's unhappiness with this label. I would argue that these people are not enemies of autism, they just have a different opinion to you. They are doing what they feel is best for themselves and their children, whether that is misguided or not."

When I responded I explained why th…

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