To all members,

I have applied to take over as admin of this Wikia. Wikia admin requires that I seek your support for this move.

It's quite clear that the most recently active admin, MuppetVJ, doesn't have the interests of this Wikia at heart and he needs to be replaced. He has not edited in the main space proactively since July. His last edit was in his name space, responding to my claim that this Wikia has major issues. However as I said to him at the time, I need admin powers to do what is needed. He has not responded. At the same time he edited his talk page he did delete articles that I had marked for deletion for various reasons.

I have already been hard at work making the changes needed, marking more articles for deletion, and starting the Autism Enemy category (not the category itself yet because I want the articles up and running first) as well as planning to merge the medications that litter this Wikia at present. I also intend to improve the book articles that need them. Most importantly, because of the vandalism, I will be stopping IP edits and enforcing account creation to participate. I have a couple of people already who are willing to help who have indicated that they will join once I am admin. This place is going to really fire up under me and not loll about as it has done for a number of years now.

Please support me by commenting.

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