I have to admit that the work I have just done I am not happy with. But it has been pointed out to me on my own talk page (and consequently off Wikia on my own forum associated with my website) that it would be best to delete the category "Autistic Enemies". This was originally noted as a complaint sent to me on my talk page by a member of Fandom/Wikia staff where she said;

"We (FANDOM) have had a complaint about your Autistic Enemy category. I can understand the person's unhappiness with this label. I would argue that these people are not enemies of autism, they just have a different opinion to you. They are doing what they feel is best for themselves and their children, whether that is misguided or not."

When I responded I explained why the category was there and why it needed to stay. I won't detail it here and the staffer is yet to respond to my points. I'll just add in this blog entry and that complainer needs to look at why I labeled them that way. This isn't about a different opinion. There are limitations as to how an Autistic should be brought up - and the consequences if you don't get it right with the worst example being the mother of Sandy Hook killer Adam Lanza (this was confirmed in effect in an eye opening article in the New York Times magazine in an interview with Lanza's father). Doing what they feel is best for themselves and their child and yet clearly isn't on what is being seen in the behaviour of both the parent and the child is not just misguided. It's downright dangerous and in fact life threatening bringing on bolting AKA wandering and sometimes being hit and killed by a car or a train. That has happened. This attitude is in effect tacit approval of such a thing being a part of being a member of Autistic community that can't be changed - when it CAN!!

HKPH said in reply on my talk page that I should concentrate on education and don't give the haters air at all. I expressed my firm disagreement with that and again I won't repeat myself. But the button that was pressed that I can't ignore (and I'm not accusing the staffer of this by the way) is the imputed threat to my adminship of this Wikia and the possibility of a takeover attempt by an Autism hater undoing whatever I've done for this Wikia since I took control of it. HKPH also gave another name for the category as a replacement - Unreliable sources. My first thought was "meh", but as I thought about it I realised this was an expansion option on the original category, and really there wasn't that much difference between the two at the base. After all - what these fools are saying about Autism and the "related" issues (I use that term very loosely!) is unreliable. Totally unreliable. And it does make them an unreliable source as they are lying about those subjects.

So I have done as the staffer has asked. I have deleted the Autistic enemy category and added Unreliable sources as a replacement. I also changed the name of the page accordingly. Additionally, I changed the template that is on top of the pages using different words to explain the category as the previous one from the Autistic enemy article did.

What remains unresolved though is the issue the staffer mentioned with the articles themselves and this idea that it's not clear what is fact and what is verifiable opinion. I had already done a bit of work to clarify anything I could find that might have been a problem but there really wasn't much as for the most part I let the sources do the talking. I should add that with this change there is a chance that the Logan Thirtyacre article might be on borrowed time because it doesn't really fit the category as unlike the others he hasn't been active personally on social media. He relies on his videos. I would have to look into that further if I have time.

But it doesn't alter the fact that I'm not happy about this development. The category may be gone, but I still hold the view that these people and organisations are Autistic enemies - or rather Enemies of Autism. And I'll stand by that till the cows come home. They are haters demonising the Autistic community and they resist education hence the appearance of tit for tat measures. The trouble is - they know no other language. They are serious threats, and believe me I am doing my best to find ways to punish them in real life. A hard job, but I'll do it for one reason above all else; to protect the Autistic community from fear, hate and suffering.

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