It's been awhile, as my other special interest (football) took over as it usually does during the southern Winter. I have continued to do minor edits to various articles, mostly about people adding bits and pieces including some sources and so forth. I've been doing a little bit of offline work, and that resulted in yesterday's upload of a fresh Autistic enemy article on Christian Chandler.

I intend to look again at the base articles as soon as possible, especially after John Elder Robison published a tremendous piece that followed up on the work of Steve Silberman on the history of the Autistic spectrum. I'm likely to incorporate this into a number of articles including Asperger syndrome, Autism, Hans Asperger and possibly some other articles. The new article that I will be adding on John will definitely include it. I need to give it an offline reference identification, given that it will be behind a paid screen after being freely available when I downloaded it (if it isn't already as I type this).

It is also my intention to take over the Asperger Wikia after I move the material from there to here - essential to effect the merger. That Wikia has been inactive for a long time (I think since 2014) and is really redundant after the changes to the DSM in the fifth edition. I'll keep you up to date with that one.

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