There's a big job that needs to be done and if any members of this Wikia has this blog on their feed (if that's possible) this is for you. All of you.

The focus is on the redlinks for Autism Speaks, Christian Chandler, Cure Autism Now, Oliver Canby, Yuval Levental, Jonathan Mitchell and John Best Junior. All the redlinks in the articles need to be removed as those articles will not be re-created. There are a lot and it would take too long for me to do it myself. Although if there are links on talk pages let me know in the comments as only two users here would be entitled to edit those - myself and NurseTN. Oh and if any Wikia staff want to do it that's okay as well but I doubt they would.

There is also a much larger job that needs to be done and that's the capitalisation of Autism and Autistic across articles.

I haven't had time to work on what needs to be done thanks to various issues off Wikia and I could have done without the recent troublemaking that I refer to on my talk page. It's distracting and a threat to my base routine as an Autistic trying to enforce action of some description in a confronting manner. Not a good idea when dealing with an Autistic person because it will attract an in kind response. That's partly why I changed the front page, in particular in relation to substantive editing of articles.

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