In the history of humanity there are numerous examples of nefarious groups using the perceived or actual weaknesses or others against them. This is called exploitation. It is especially the case when the victim for wholly understandable reasons doesn't know any better.

The worst exponents of this practice are religious groups. The worst of these came out of the Catholic Church and their record of paedophile behaviour. The disgusting practice isn't limited to that Church. but it's the one that has been in receipt of the most publicity.

But there are also churches that engage in extreme conduct. Westboro Baptist Church is one of the worst. One of the others is the reason for this blog entry - the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

It has a serious history of discrimination of the basis of gender, race, gender preference and related matters (AKA LGBTIQ - exposed in 2008 with their opposition to same sex marraige) and lack of transparency as well as no tolerance for criticism. With this history, it follows that it is incapable of coping with the true needs of the Autistic community.

Just prior to putting up this entry, I permanently banned a user from this church. I didn't see it straight away - he was promoting people on the Autistic spectrum (one in particular) as a success because of the church. With their record this is totally impossible. I hold the firm belief that the Autistic concerned has been taken advantage of and provided a manufactured environment designed to keep him in a certain box and making him happy there by exploiting an inexperienced Autistic's naivety. The user in fact caught both myself and another Autistic user here the same way - and I for one feel pretty stupid for falling for it. This is how dangerous members of extreme church groups that even general Christianity don't recognise are.

The banned user promoted the Autistic as independent. The poor guy isn't - he's trapped in the web of the church. Claiming that he is happy is simply exploiting his naivety. The banned user did not note that the Autistic was in fact still living at home with his parents and he also lied about the Autistic's age. He put it as being born in 1996. The article he used as a source called him 26 in 2016 (and 30 now) which put his birth year in 1990.

This Wikia won't tolerate this sort of dishonesty, nor will it tolerate exploitation of Autistics. And it certainly won't tolerate treating Autistic users like myself like fools.

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