I've just returned after being globally blocked for three days. This was as it turned out an error as the blocker thought I'd ignored an instruction from some time ago to delete the Yuval Levental article. He then discovered that I had negotiated it's return and fixed the issues they had with the original version. The apology was issued and I'm back in action. Thank goodness. The image that was removed from the Levental article will be returning - once I clarify the definition of fair use of images in the eyes of Fandom/Wikia. I may use another public image but we'll see.

I know who reported me, because of this on the Community Wikia;

Somebody I know who has mental issues has a slander page against him on Wikia. How can I argue, if possible, that it is a violation of Terms of Service and have it deleted?
I am sure there are a lot of lies, but the person that wrote the article, User:TLPG, likes to slander people online, and refuses to listen to others. I will say there are some things that are true, but the person that is being written about has profound mental issues and does not need his problems exposed to the world like this. This is another slander page written by him that was deleted http://archive.is/KNcdO

That last sentence is the giveaway. the link is to the deletion log of the Levental article. The comment was from February and the Canby article remains unchallenged - because he lied. He slandered me in fact with this comment and for this reason I have blocked him from here for good. And if he tries to return with a different account he'll be burned on sight. The article contains no slander and I never slander people online. I do listen to reasonable people who provide genuine proof that I'm wrong about something. Of interest though, he admits that Canby has profound mental issues. It is my view - and has always been my view - that this is because he is trying to reject his diagnosis. It has nothing to do with seeing his issues publicly displayed - given that he did that himself through his blog Autism is Bad. He should be getting treatment for the issues and it starts with adjusting to his Autistic status. He has to for the sake of his mental health. The article is there as an example of what happens when one doesn't adjust. It's a warning. Don't be afraid of Autism. Canby is, and that has to be rectified.

So we move on!

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