Today I added a new article straight from Notepad to the main space instead of putting it in my user space - Jonathan Mitchell. I took a lot of it from the Wikipedia article, but I also added material to prove how much of an enemy he is. Using blogs as sources are a-okay here (Wikipedia wants nothing to do with them, which I can understand but it doesn't help). I fast tracked this because of the actions of the user that had done most of the edits trying to promote Mitchell in a positive manner. I wasn't going to stand for that.

Aside from that I've been hard at work offline trying to group the existing pages in order to plan the massive changes that are needed to consolidate the balance of information without messing things up. Some pages are hard to group which is why that's taking awhile. I've also started work on the new Medications page which will replace all the individual pill popping articles which really we don't need. Re-directs will be used so we can remove information that makes this Wikia look like Google University. None of us here are doctors so the information must be placed in an appropriate environment.

Today I also added more material to Oliver Canby and Phil Gluyas as Canby continues to make a fool of himself on his blog. It seems to be very much an ongoing saga. I also added a search link to the Phil's World Podcast listing all nine editions on the Gluyas article. If you aren't Net savvy you might have some trouble downloading it if you want to listen to it.

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