Just a few minutes ago, I deleted an article and banned a user for spamming - or rather inserting useless information into the main space of this Wikia. The article was totally inappropriate for the main space, and at best looked like a fictional contribution better suited to either a personal blog or a user's name space as it appeared to be a special interest. I'm all for expressed one's special interests on this Wikia, but not in the main space. The main space is for information specific to the Autistic community and it needs to be real and not fantasy.

As the user concerned did not return despite invitations to do so, it would appear on present evidence that he or she was a troublemaker - or more likely a troll looking for attention. I don't welcome trolling as it renders a community such as this unsafe and unwelcoming.

On a side note, the improvements I mooted are progressing starting with what I call the base articles. I have almost finished work on Asperger syndrome and I am working through Autism at present. I'm not adding any new articles for the moment although some are on their way presently in my user space awaiting further alterations and tweaking.

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