I'm back from a ten day break from Wikia/Fandom having to take stock for reasons I won't speak of in public. I'll just say that things haven't gone to plan and changes needed to be made to cover for them. Plans for Fandom in certain parts have had to be terminated for good as a result.

Of course that doesn't mean I'm leaving. I nearly did, but this project (and the other I administer) was just way too important to leave to anyone else. Others have warned of people coming in here and reversing this place from the proper state to a lie fest deleting good articles like The Vaccine Myth and The Myth of Mercury Poisoning and championing those things instead as an example.

One thing that has happened this year - I have lost track of the pages, and I have to do a stocktake. I have done that in the past, but there is a lot more on my plate now compared to then (hence the hiatus in part) so in order to proceed I have to do two things.

1. Delete all re-directs without exception - this is only temporary and many will be restored at a later date as required.

2. Ban the creation of new pages until further notice.

I don't like doing that second one in particular, especially with the recent work Mozart999 has been doing. But in order to my job as an administrator and bureaucrat I have to get the content under control so I know where I am at. That's why I put the notes in my sandbox - to assist with that effort. And that by itself needs to be updated which is part of the issue at hand.

I am hoping that the stocktake will be done as quickly as possible. After I post this blog entry the deletions of redirects will begin. I might not have the time tonight (Australian time) to do all of them but hopefully NurseTN is in a position to help with that one. In the comments here I will keep everyone up to date with the progress as it happens, but I will put a brand new blog entry once the ban on creating pages is ended.

Thanks in advance for your patience, and please don't be afraid to edit existing articles if they can be improved and so on.

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