It took longer than I wanted it to, but finally the stocktake has been completed.

One new page was added against the instructions of the previous blog entry, and it was very quickly deleted. Now that the stocktake is done, I have restored that page and added it to the list in my sandbox. I now have things back under control where I need them to be.

The redirects that were deleted aren't going to be restored quickly. I have a lot on my plate that has a time limit off this Wikia. One of them is the other Fandom I administer, but there is also material offsite entirely that needs to be done. I am aiming at December 17 at the latest, but it could be as late as December 24 (I hope not because that is too narrow a gap for what I need to do - December 24 is the absolute cut off day that is out of my control). This was why I needed to do the stocktake the way I did it.

So everything is now back to abnormal around here! Well after all - there is no such thing as normal right? And that's aside from the COVID-19 pandemic!

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