One thing Wikia is generally encouraging is the Infobox. This is one of the problems on my plate that is proving hard to work through, as I need to group articles not just by category but also by Infobox. It's going to be a long job but hopefully I'll make some in roads between now and mid February.

At present there are two active infoboxes - for people and for books. I'm presently working through the books and when that's done I'll be fixing up the people - of which some have already been done previously.

Meanwhile there is one thing I would encourage other members to do - and that's find some pictures for the articles on the 50 states. They need to individually identify the state in some special way - lateral thinking if you like (typically autistic in other words). Florida for instance could be represented by an alligator! Or maybe a meme could be in order (I've already thrown a personal favourite of mine onto The Vaccine Myth page) promoting or putting down the state in some amusing way. The options are there. Have a crack!

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