Just recently my application to merge two other Wikia sites into this one was successful. The first - the Asperger Wikia - had been inactive for more than two years. Given that the DSM-5 has rendered the Asperger syndrome diagnosis as obsolete, it made sense to redirect anyone left to here where it is all banded together as it should be.

The second - the Exposing Neurodiversity Wikia - is something of a victory for common sense. Originally it was created as a vehicle to promote neurodiversity as a bad thing by Yuval Levental. When I found the Wikia in a web search I went over there and challenged him on the claim. He promptly deleted everything and abandoned the Wikia. I tried to resurrect it, but then I figured it would be better to apply for a merger as well.

I am continuing to work offline on articles. We had a couple of new articles pop up from new users, which was better now that it was at the beginning of the year. I'm hoping to get some more articles done and uploaded, while working through the existing articles that I call the base articles.

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