Woybff Woybff 12 March 2020

Two Years Later-Update

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I was gone for almost two years. I said I was coming back, but I was wrong. Lol, silly, Woybff. I guess I got busy again. On other sites, like Twitter, I am known as Golden Engine 18/Goldie. You guys can still call me Woybff. Oh yeah, I also got Twitter. My main is basically everything that does not fit on my site account, and my side account is about my love of music, especially my music special interests. (We'll get into that too.)

I am not writing as much poetry as I would like. I guess I got burnout. I ditch the whole system. I still hope one day, I publish my work in actual book. I do not feel I am ready to be published it. I have improved as a w…

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Woybff Woybff 2 April 2018

Returning To The Wiki

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Idk why I left. I guess I had more things going on in my life. I will say, I posted a lot cringey things here. Somethings, I say, are good things. I will no longer post images of my special interests on these blogs. I'll just give out links to images. Idk why nobody told me it was wrong.

I do still write poetry. I rarely post any of them online anymore. I have a system of the number of poems I write. I even have a formal to calculate the number. I hope someday I could publish some of them. I do also write fanfiction and original works but not as much.

I'm not going a big deal about these new ones like I did with WOY. WOY (Wander Over Yonder) is no longer a special interest. I ha…

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Woybff Woybff 15 January 2016

The Real Lord Dominator (Yes this a REAL story)

Lord Dominator is a character on Wander Over Yonder, that I don't find her real form scary.

Some time ago this guy was on WOY wiki and made stupid unreasoning categories. My friend and I tried to stop him. He was mean to my friend, and he deleted my user page info (Threaten me twice to do so).

I was trying to figure out what is the deal with this guy. I asked him if he was on the Autism Spectrum. I got a message back in all captives. He thinks I sound like a boy and a girl that sounds like a kid. (Idk what he was talking about.) This is where the second threat came from. I told a adim to block him. Where did I go wrong?

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Woybff Woybff 29 December 2015

Fake Info!

I should really find somewhere else to post my blogs because I'm scared the bad users may find them. Like I saw someone info about Sanders and Obama having Asperger's. Some info is right. He also vandalized the Routines page. When my mother looked at it she said the website was fake. I know this guy is writing crap on this it doesn't mean this wiki is fake. This is one of my main sources for Autism because the youtubers I watch aren't as active. Should I lift this wiki or will TLPG block this guy? If TLPG is reading this I'd would take consternation blocking him.

http://autism.wikia.com/wiki/California/Orange_County_Resources What is this? This is a orignal page? Or did the guy made this?

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Woybff Woybff 7 July 2015

What is going on the wiki?!

I'm Woybff, if you don't remember me. I not talking about Autism today. I'm talking about the wiki. I haven't made a blog post since Feb.28th,2015 and I come back to see. All this radicalism on the home page. Why? It nothing to do with Autism. This wiki is NOT a web site for bullying. This is for telling people about Autism. I proud to be autistic. Am I going to move to a new web site to write my blogs. I try really hard. I am now back, why you members call other people ***? I throught it would quite when I return. I beg please stop this.

I maybe was going to talk about Autism Speak being bad. But I guess I never throught of this wiki going to a swearing network after also five months. I may move. Thank you  for taking the time to read. Ple…

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