A quick note

This may have some things from the book 10 things Children with Autism wish you knew. But some things don't cover it.


So what am I doing? I'm make a Top 10 list of things I wish you knew about Autism. Like on YouTube, but about Autism instead video games, movies, etc. I hope this help you with the word Autism.

Top 10 things

10- "I am right."

Most autistic want to be right with everything, even special interests. Like if a autistic was trying to say that Emily is Andy's Mom from Toy Story and some non-autistic says no or disagrees with the autistic. The autistic will ever cry, say "I'm right" or "Your wrong", and/or try ways to make the point true. I am dealing with on Wander Over Yonder Wiki try to tell people Sylvia is animal, but things aren't going as planed.


Meltdowns aren't tantrums there the opposite. It just the autistic person's sight, hearing, smell, one the senses basically is overload. NO we can't tough 'n up. It just happens, now that is the main cause of that. Do we like meltdowns? No we don't. After having meltdowns many autistics want to be alone. Most autistics don't want to remember the event. I wish one kid on my bus knew about Autism. He watched me go thought on this year and I just don't what to remember.

8-Social and feelings

Why don't we hang out with friends? We want friends we just not go up to someone and ask them. We just don't know how. We also are very sensitive to words, not just loud noises and bright lights. If you called some that autistic "stupid", they might think they are stupid. I got called that twice. Or if you called a autistic "weird", they'll think something is wrong with them. Or any other word for that matter will make them sad. Also may hate themselves or/and want a cure. Like for myself this mean girl at my school called me "stupid" and "freak". And other one more popular called me the B word.


Flapping, Spinning, etc. are just stimming. More disables than Autism stim however. For you feel nervous don't tell us to stop.

6-Thinking one way

Idioms and things like that don't mean the way you think. Like you could say,"They have butterflies in their stomach." But instead you could say"They are very nervous." I also can't tell what or where something because I can't desire it.

5-I can't and I won't mean different things

I can't in a autistic is they are unable to do this. I won't means in autistic mind is what you think if they said I can't and if you didn't know much about Autism. They can't do it will maybe number four will help you more.

4-Focus on what I can do rather than what I notable

If you make fun of me because something I'm bad at, than next time I probably won't even try. If you focus what I can do and maybe tell me like "Woybff (not my real name) your really good at noticing Derpy in the backgrounds." Or "Woybff your good at noticing mistakes in Wander Over Yonder."

3-I didn't choose Autism

I didn't choose to be this way or any other autistic didn't choose to be Autistic. Maybe there's a reason why God made me or other autistics with Autism.

2-We don't want a cure

We don't like changes, even good ones. So we wish instead of cure for understanding. It's not are fault we are like this. It's nobody's fault. By understanding us you can enjoy life, like are selves, and/or make things easier for us. SOME people just don't get or know what Autism. So most the time that happens I think they just don't get my Autism and I get upset inside. I wish they knew.

1-Love me unconditionally

I have no idea why I am autistic maybe it was for a good reason. But you should still love me. I not saying go to my house in the middle of the night and kiss me or go on a date. For online and school. Just accented me for who I am and understand what can blow me up, make me cry, or make me jump for joy. You don't have to be my friend I just like you to be nice to me and other autistic. If you want to be my friend I'm cool with that.


Not all autistic are alike.

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