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I wrote another poem to help people understand my anger and my meltdowns.


I wish you stop throwing surprises at me.

I can't anymore of this I feel scared or I could cry.

Stop this I don't like it.

I wish you would stop now.

I didn't say that.

I can't help it if my schedule changes or you make me angry.

I WILL have a meltdown, NOT a tantrum.

Can't you stop now I can't this any more.

I can't help that I'm the autistic God intended me to be.

I can't help you disagree because I am right and you are wrong.

Please I never do that at all your lining.

I wish you just knew what my autism does to me, then you understand.

Wander Over Yonder is the best show ever and I am the biggest fan.

I want everything to be the same so keep it like that please.

I am rebel.

I wish you treat my friend with kindness.

I wish to be alone.

You don't understand.

I going in time out for having a meltdown?

Autism itself is a special interest to me.

I not stupid I just acted differently.

I am clever and creative I tell you, but you wouldn't care.

I just didn't know what to say.

Please stop laughing at me.

Look, you messed up my day.

Why don't you get I'm autistic and know much about social solutions.

I don't need a cure.

I need understand and love.

And haven't had much this days.

Google Autism please.

I have needs too y'know.

I can't stop this.

I didn't choose to be autistic.

I want better treatment.

If you were autistic you'd understand my pain.

If you treat me with kindness and care about me, then I will be your friend.

If you don't caring about me, being a bully or a jerk, or you can't understand me or my love for Wander Over Yonder, then I worry about you and fear you.

Please care about me.

I wasn't in control of my power.

I am sad and you don't get why.

Can't I be like everyone else?

Why did God make me like this?

Do you get me?