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I deiced to write a poem about my life on this.

Days of wandering

I fall down and behind.

I was a little weak after a while.

I am autistic after all.

I didn't have many friends.

I was a treated a little different but didn't know why.

I didn't understand how to make friends.

I was special.

I got in trouble sometimes.

I wasn't as bright as the other children.

I was mad but didn't know went.

I'd hide in loneliness.

I was hated, and I was loved.

I was smart.

I was braver than I knew in my heart.

I got hurt inside by the people whom hated me.

I was in danger of lead.

I was a friend to many.

I was known by many.

I was sentience to more that noises and lights.

I misunderstood, many people didn't get me.

I am shy.

I am kind, but some whom hate me disagreed.

I am funny, but I don't like people laughing at me.

I am creative, I couldn't draw a tree, but I could draw a cartoon character.

I can't speak up because I'm so shy.

I knew a plethora of facts from my special interests.

I know Autism doesn't define me and my whole character.

I am good at so many talents, and struggle with others.

I was made to be autistic.

I was send by God because he loves me.

I also do wander over yonder many times.