Hello everyone Woybff here again, I have not had any bullying since I last posted. So let's get one with.

Autistic enemy?

So when I been gone for awhile I met some new people on wikis. They annoy the crap out of me (like this one I going to talk about) or I have made friends. So this one, I not going leave a name, she loves Powerpuff girls and The 7D. She even wants a comic about the two. I been telling her she can't have one because Cartoon Network owns the Powerguff girls, and Disney ownes the The 7D. She also called me a meanie and a cowardly cheapskate. :( I told her I was autistic, I don't think she even knows what Autism is. She is also 10, "you can't be 10 years old to be on here, at least 13." The whole reason I got on these wikias was to edit WOY things, but I didn't just edit WOY things. Any who she gets on WOY wiki and adds what Wander and Happy have in common. This is not accepted unless Jack played Happy, and he doesn't. She been doing editing on PPG wiki, it has 17 mintues when I lasted checked. I hope she isn't on my wiki, what a mess I have clean up with Iknief, she is my friend, she is also a aspie and loves Homestuck, that's like my WOY to her I think. Is this person autistic? You tell me in the comments.

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