This poem is about my fears.

Fears in the center

What if he'll laugh at me.

I can't go up on that stage.

No run away from that dragon!

Could McDonald's take over the world?

No don't take me back.

No I don't want any more Mattel toys.

What if the door locks.

Snakes, get me out of here, Sunil do you thing.

I'm hiding from the school mascot.

Ronald McDonald stay, I don't what your hamburgers.

I can't go to the dentist.

I am scared, will we die if there this high?

I never hug you because you have a gun.

I don't die, there's a new Wander Over Yonder on tonight.

Sylvia, what if Tico kills me tonight?

NO it can't be over, give Wander five more season.

Wander says everything will be alright.

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