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Story behind Dark Dream

This is about how I am being misunderstand.

Dark Dream

I wait there wondering what there is next.

You look me and go "Oh My Freakin' Gosh (more wrost than that is)." And other things

I wish you treat me with respuct and understand.

Do you think the way your treating me is the way you what me to treat you?

I am looking and listening to you, and I see nothing good.

Maybe you never known the word "Autism".

I see and know the world differently than you.

Can you stop it being so loud!

I wish people would understand me.

I know I'm different.

For what ever reason God give me Autism.

It was probably a good reason.

I heard your voice.

Your voice of pain and heart attack.

I don't understand why are treating so hard.

I didn't choose to be autistic.

I hope you seen it my way.