The Return

Idk why I left. I guess I had more things going on in my life. I will say, I posted a lot cringey things here. Somethings, I say, are good things. I will no longer post images of my special interests on these blogs. I'll just give out links to images. Idk why nobody told me it was wrong.



I do still write poetry. I rarely post any of them online anymore. I have a system of the number of poems I write. I even have a formal to calculate the number. I hope someday I could publish some of them. I do also write fanfiction and original works but not as much.

Special Interests

I'm not going a big deal about these new ones like I did with WOY. WOY (Wander Over Yonder) is no longer a special interest. I have new ones to replace the void. They are Homestar Runner (a famous web series), Hey Duggee (a UK childrens show), and Pearls Before Swine (a comic strip). If you have more questions about these, you can ask me in the comments.

Other Comments

I hope I did not bring any trouble to this or any other wiki.

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