Hey guys Woybff here, Today I going to talk about meltdowns. I think I already talked about how meltdowns are caused, now on to how Autistic like me feel about them.

Do we like Meltdowns?

I may not be speaking for myself, but no. I know the causes. Changes, noise (could be but, I feel like having on), my greatest fear, and bullies (my greatest fear is also a bully to mostly everyone). I don't have any choice or have any control of these choices, just quick thinking. Sadly my family what's me to bring it up, which I not comfortable. I just what to be alone, I also had a STRESSFUL day at school. So yeah recovery from school. Can they get it already? I wish not to be bothered during this time. I also wish my greatest fear moved or wasn't real. But not California. That's where all the studios. She is so mean...run out of the lunch room. Causes me to have a meltdown, but cry. I hit my knees on the ground saying "no" or "ow". I don't what to go back to school because her and other people.

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