A letter was spent to my house to Today, I saw a full in the bank selection paper. Am I going back to therapy? The only problems I have are dealing with this mean girl at my school and Mattel. Mattel? Woybff they're fine. No check this link. http://www.nytimes.com/2007/08/02/business/02toy.html?_r=0

I also am having a hard time being misunderstood, that's part of my Autism. I have time to watch Wander Over Yonder. I don't what to lose that or coming on the computer. I was out of therapy (for my Autism) for almost four years. I don't what to go back and tell them my be-loved special interests Wander Over Yonder and Five Nights of Freddy's. I don't like talking about them that much to other teachers. And how I am going to get use to talking to this new group. I don't what to worry about more than my P.E. Class for next semester. Who do this or this just the group wanting a data on my process. I don't know guys, I'll tell you if things change.

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