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Unclear Hiatus

I was gone for almost two years. I said I was coming back, but I was wrong. Lol, silly, Woybff. I guess I got busy again. On other sites, like Twitter, I am known as Golden Engine 18/Goldie. You guys can still call me Woybff. Oh yeah, I also got Twitter. My main is basically everything that does not fit on my site account, and my side account is about my love of music, especially my music special interests. (We'll get into that too.)



I am not writing as much poetry as I would like. I guess I got burnout. I ditch the whole system. I still hope one day, I publish my work in actual book. I do not feel I am ready to be published it. I have improved as a writer and my handwriting looks nicer now. I am also writing outside of poetry.

Special Interets

Outside of Music

I still love Pearls Before Swine. I have other comic-strip related special interests which are FoxTrot and Cul De Sac. I feel like Hey Duggee ran its course, everything went down hill after The Stick Badge. I am not as close to Homestar Runner as I once was, but I still love it. The new ones (aside from music) are VeggieTales (January 2019-May 2019), and Bluey (November 2019-Present), and now Bob's Burgers. I have been a fan since 2016, but I feel closer to the show now. Old favorites I got back into are Pokemon and Thomas The Tank Engine (hence the name change).

Music Related

As for my special interests in music, where I do began? I guess I'll start with Gorillaz (July 2018). Plastic Beach recently turned ten. In 2019, I got into The Beatles. Because Ringo narratored the first two seasons of TTTE, I diecded to listen to their music and Stg. Pepper was incredible. I also recently got into BTS. They helped me love myself and accept myself as an autistic person. I cannot thank them enough for that. I mean, I was already accepting of myself but the confidence was not there yet. So maybe I'll be more active on here more. (Don't count on it.)