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Wander Over Yonder is on Disney XD created by Craig McCracken. More info about Wander Over Yonder visit this link.

As you know is have known me Wander Over Yonder is one of my special interests. Now the poem.

The stars in my heart

Moving fast than a hurricane Wander checks in as I play Pokemon.

Clashing in five days later was Lord Hater and Emperor Awesome having a epic battle on August 16, 2013.

After almost a month Hater strikes fear in my heart, and Sylvia smells like dragon breath the September 13, 2013 and it was Friday.

After eight days Wander ran to my heart with love and peace a day after August 20, 2013.

Then on the 27th Wander stands up for me, that was a true friend.

After camping on Oct. 4th, 2013, I learn that Wander and Sylvia almost die that night.

On Oct. 11th, 2013 Peepers stole my heart and Wander became a rebel.

A week later Wander stopped attacking so dang thought, he started to scare me.

On Nov.1, 2013 Wander faced a big ugly troll, who smelled like fish.

On Nov.14th, 2013, it's hard day for Wander, he just wanted to know what was in box.

Then the 23th Sylvia got Wander out of a worms gut, later on the 27th she stop a evil lead paint toy from killing me, Go Sylvia!

On Dec.6th Peepers made a big mistake, he lifted Westley behind.

Later on Jan. 10th 2014 a a guy said "Uh oh who wants to die." It scared so much Wander couldn't stop it.

The 24th I liked Peepers again.

I wanted until March 31 for another new episode, which was Craig birthday, I saw Bard Starlight and Lord Hater being defiant.

On May 28th I saw the newest ones on Apple TV, I liked watching Wander make a little girl's day and Sylvia being some jerks in race, who knew that ate pumpkins.

On Jun. 11th I met mean I mean person made Trudi, she reminds me of some else.

Later on 16th I watched Sylvia looked a watchdog buns, and Wander being scared of bugs.

A day later I witness a a planet named Janet and a meeting in Lord Hater's ship, both were delightful.

On Jun.23th I watched April's favorite episode, the toddler, it was okay.

A day later when to a fancy party, it was great, I still tell Wander to wash his hands.

On Jun. 30th I said "We all did Wander, we all did." I liked the void.

On July 19th Emperor Awesome causes these things happen, boom, crash, lights, loud music, meltdowns, I don't like where is going.

Oct.4th 2014 I heard Hater and Peepers had a mass problem with watchdogs.

On the 17th Hater and Sylvia have a date and Wander thinks Hater is good deep down.

Nov.7th 2014 Wander helps four birds and one kitty, a new record. "A new new record."-Pink Squirrel from Fosters.

The 14th, Wander tries and helps me after a hard of school.

On the 23th two days before 25th I watched Hater have melacholy and learned a new word called snare.

On the 28th I meet Rynder, he was jerk and I cried.

Dec. 4th Wander gave me a nice letter.