Okay guys Today I was grounded by neither my Mom nor Dad. It was.....a player on the Wiki. Well NOT is Wiki. It's nice here, no one writing bad comments on my blogs. No one writing on blogs however. Apparently someone grounded me for asking them if they watched Wander Over Yonder.

Wander Over Yonder, my favorite TV show.

Which I do that. I asked people on Moshi Monsters, I ask people on Warriors. I don't understand how this show must be hated. I post a thread on Warriors about this. If you have a account and would like to help me than I put the link right here. http://warriorcatsrpg.com/index.php?topic=1899709.0 Anyway I usually get a yes or a no. But this time they replied "NO WAY", I not if they say yes or no. Then the person got mad at me. I replied I was sorry about the whole feud..next thing I know I got grounded, not by my parents. I don't know what I'm grounded from or while I'll be ungrounded. The more I think about I got grounded for ask them if they like WOY(Wander Over Yonder) or because I didn't understand. I got grounded for my Autism. That's sad. I tell you what happens next. No updates on the therapy rant.

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